Why Therapeutic Riding?

Therapeutic riding is recognized world-wide as an exciting, unique activity with significant benefits in the areas of therapy, rehabilitation and recreation. The priority is always safety. All riding sessions are under the direction of qualified instructors and a physiotherapist. Each rider is normally assisted by two sidewalkers and a horse-leader.

The swinging, repetitive motion of the horse imparted to the rider helps improve balance, coordination, strength and muscle tone, while gently mobilizing the joints. Therapeutic riding also improves sensory processing, focus and concentration, the ability to learn concepts, and communication skills.

Riding also offers a recreational opportunity for healthful fun and fellowship.

Quote: "Involvement with horses has helped our son mentally and physically. It is a wonderful fellowship for him. "

-- Parents of a rider
Joyriders Gabriel D. and Mary M. pick up a toy
Adult therapeutic rider enjoying Joyriders
All photos by Daphne Davey unless otherwise attributed.