About Us

Joyriders is an incorporated non-profit organization and a registered charity. We are governed by a twelve-person volunteer board of directors. In addition, the head instructor, the physiotherapist and the volunteer coordinator are ex-officio members of the board. CANTRA logo Our annual general meeting is held in May, and visitors are always welcome. The principal tasks of the board are advocacy and facilitation for the program, and fund raising to help meet the operating and equipment needs. Joyriders is a fully-certified and accredited member of the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CanTRA).

Since January 2016 our home is the River Trails Ranch in Hunter River, owned and operated by John and Kathy Barrett.

2016/2017 Board of Directors

Janice Cole, President
Joy MacDonald, Vice-president
Jennifer DeCoursey, Treasurer
Mel Gallant, Secretary
Nicole Kitchener, Member
Butch McGee, Member
Jim McQuaid, Member
Shelley MacEwen, Member
Lori Morris, Member
Melda Patterson-Jones, Member
Philip Pineau, Member
Andy Robb, Member Emeritus
Kathy Barrett, Chief Instructor
Trish Helm-Neima, Physiotherapist
Deena Robb, Volunteer Coordinator


Kathy Barrett, CTRI, Chief Instructor
Gilles Richard CTRAI, Assistant Instructor
Daphne Davey, CTRAI, Assistant Instructor
Debbie Gormley, CTRAI, Assistant Instructor
Marg Gray, CTRAI, Assistant Instructor
Trish Helm-Neima, CTRAI, Assistant Instructor
Stephanie Compton, CTRAI, Assistant Instructor
Lauren MacIsaac, CTRAI, Assistant Instructor
All photos courtesy of Ann MacNeill
Sees the Moment Photography   www.annmacneill.com